The Travellers

We are two wandering souls who found each other.

Wow, does that ever sound like a bad line from a romance novel?

Diane: A photographer extraordinaire who reads, writes and eats… wait a second, that sounds like Bourdain, doesn’t it?  Turns out, my wife is a much fairer, softer and just all around prettier, non-smoking version of Anthony Bourdain.  Trust me, I prefer it that way.  She cooks as well as any formally trained chef – better even.  I would press her to open a restaurant, but the kitchen would have to be sound-proofed.  When my wife cooks, she strings together expletives that make sailors blush, even causing you to sit back and wonder if what she just suggested is physically possible… Family friendly, she is not.

David: To hack a trite and overused expression, “David Abides”.  Inside I am slacker who prefers to sit around and pontificate about the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics on modern American business or weigh the options of Caribbean beaches vs their Mediterranean counterparts. Coffee, kicking back.. creating stories that wander through the evening…

We both love the journey, as much as the destination.  (Ack, another trite saying!)

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